The story behind apple s logo

The graphic logo represents an apple, which the apple means knowledge, and all apple products are made up with lots of knowledge tags: apple inc share this post. The apple symbol - and the apple computers logo - symbolizes knowledge this symbol is one of the oldest and most potent in western mythology apple's use of the logo is extremely powerful their name and the corresponding pictorial icon are synonymous: they both say apple. Apple inc no longer use their name in there logo anymore i think that the new apple inc brings a better look to the company now it will let people know that they have grown to bigger and better things.

From logo design love, the story behind apple's iconic bitten apple logo, as told by the designer rob janoff: what's the reason behind the bite like many things, stories have a way of getting stretched and changed in the retelling. There are many theories and myths about apple's logo a famous myth is that the logo was a tribute to alan turing who was the inventor of enigma code-breaker computer, which is a feature of the precursor for modern computers. And that's how we got the iconic apple logo on the back of all of our phones, computers, and ipods so the story goes, anyway but as nice as it is, it simply isn't true, according to the.

The bitten apple is the logo of the well-known computer manufacturer apple inc it is one of the easily recognizable logos in the whole wide world, a fitting symbol to the name of the company behind the picture. The story behind the first apple logo mr wayne is now 83, when he was at apple he had 10% of the company at that time that 10% represented around 800 dollars, but ron decided to sell its part to the other two founders. Later the company settled on the bite out of an apple design for apple's logo - a far simpler logo design these logos are probably the reason for other theories about the meaning behind the name. Ps rob is also offering 3 small businesses the chance to have their logo designed by him, for only $500 businesses can apply this week and rob gets to choose the ones he wants to work with. Also, janoff denies all the other theories surrounding apple's logo and says while every story is beautiful, they are not accurate advertisement steve jobs mostly answered with silence when asked about the real story behind apple logo.

What's the story behind apple's half eaten apple fruit logo unfortunately the apple log doesn't have any hidden meaning or deep story behind it. #2 mcdonald's yes, the m for mcdonald's and there really isn't another meaning in the 60's, mcdonald's wanted to change the logo but their design consultant and psychologist louis cheskin insisted that they left the golden arches. The story behind the 'rainbow coloured' apple logo was that jobs wanted everyone to 'think different(ly)', he wanted the green on the top because there was a leaf there, explained. To which extend this story actually is the reason behind the logo of apple is not sure, but no matter what it makes me freaking happy to imagine the logo of the biggest company of all time is one that functions as a memorial to the inventor of the first computer. If beauty is indeed truth, as john keats claimed, then this story ought to be true: the logo on the back of your iphone or mac is a tribute to alan turing, the man who laid the foundations for the.

There are many rumours as to how apple's original iconic logo was created and while the technicolour apple has lost its stripes, its shape - along with the bite in the side - has remained unchanged since the company's conception in 1976 as the story goes, the logo is a tribute to the late. Apple's rainbow colored logo has followed the computer since the apple ii and in marketing materiel, right up to 1998 on the computers, the logo was usually neatly put in relief on the housing on the front of the machine. The arrow which looks like a smiling face in amazon's logo has another meaning behind it it is a representation of the wide range of items available for retail by amazon, from a to z ibm's logo has a hidden message for the whole world hidden in the big blue logo that represents it's company.

The story behind apple s logo

Recognizing this, the company just redid its logo, and, well, it kind of looks like apple's logo applebee's old logo: applebee's new logo: this is a truly lame story dbl is spot-on. Apple's first logo was created by apple computer co co-founder, ronald wayne, during the company's incorporation in the 1970s the logo was as different as could be from its current look, although still related to the apple. The real story behind apple's 'think different' campaign (fade to apple logo and tagline) think different the video, cut by dan bootzin, chiat's gifted in-house editor, was strong and. But most probably aren't familiar with the story behind the design first created in 1977, the apple logo was the handiwork of rob janoff, an art director at advertising and public relations.

More than often, logos have a story behind it and today, we will discuss the apple logo, one of the most famous logos in the world, as we answer a specific question. (the original apple logo was a pen and ink drawing of sir isaac newton sitting under an apple tree) janoff brought two versions of the logo to the meeting, one with the bite and one without he also showed the logo with stripes, as a solid color, and as a metallic. The apple logo says, that you can use all their produces for good or bad personally, i think they couldn't have done it better we shouldn't blame the problems of radiation and social issues on technology but on the holders of these devices.

The first apple logo was designed in 1976 by ronald wayne, sometimes referred to as the third co-founder of apple the logo depicts isaac newton sitting under a tree, an apple dangling precipitously above his head. The history of the apple logo apple, always seems like a strange name for a computer company and certainly an original one it is safe to say, its origins in a logo or brand are among the most talked about and speculated. There are many stories and rumors around there about apple company's logo some are giving theories like inspired by newton's experiment, or by mythological event of adam and eve, and the like.

the story behind apple s logo One obvious reason why steve jobs's latest medical leave is so troubling to apple fans and investors is that jobs, unlike most ceos, has proven as adept at design and r&d as he has at corner. the story behind apple s logo One obvious reason why steve jobs's latest medical leave is so troubling to apple fans and investors is that jobs, unlike most ceos, has proven as adept at design and r&d as he has at corner. the story behind apple s logo One obvious reason why steve jobs's latest medical leave is so troubling to apple fans and investors is that jobs, unlike most ceos, has proven as adept at design and r&d as he has at corner.
The story behind apple s logo
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